Breast cancer rates are rising rapidly. In England, incidence rates have increased amongst women by 90% and amongst men by as much as 60% in just one generation (Breast Cancer UK). Only 30% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have any so-called risk factors (such as family history, having children late in life, smoking or obesity).Nearly three quarters of women who get breast cancer have none of the
known risk factors (Breast Cancer Action). The World Health Organisation believes that at least one third of all cancers are preventable, and that prevention is the best long term strategy in tackling cancer worldwide. We believe environmental carcinogens are causing breast cancer (and other cancers and health problems) and that these cancers can be prevented by changing the world we live in and our use of toxic chemicals that pollute our water, our food, the air we breath and our bodies.

We are a grassroots, feminist group. We believe that cancer is a political issue which can only be effectively tackled through social, economic and environmental change.

You can contact us at: brightonbca@gmail.com


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